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Jul 19, 2012

(Un)Masked to be released August 17, 2012!

The big day is almost here. The day our first book gets published.  It might be a bit bigger deal for me than Anyta since she has ePublished a number of books herself so she’s already seen her work in ‘print’ and offered for sale. Me – first time.

Here’s a link to the release notice:

(Un)Masked Release Date

That’s for the eBook, they are doing a paper release as well.

To the millions  . . . . and millions [okay so I’m not the Rock, but it sounds good] of fans who are looking to buy the book – paper or eBook – would go to the publisher’s site to buy it, that would put a little more change in the author’s pocket, but Amazon or B&N or wherever you buy your books is just fine too.


  1. Houdinii says:

    Grats on the publication 😀 Soon as I’m not broke…. ~Houdinii (GA Member)

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